Dirty God (15)

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Dirty God (15)

Drama | English | 1h 45m

Directed by Sacha Polak

Staring Vicky Knight

Rotterdam Film Festival | Sundance Film Festival


Dirty God is a portrait of a woman with incredible resilience. Jade is no passive victim; she makes her own choices - good or bad - and deals with the consequences. Polak’s first English-language feature is controlled and subtle, without the director surrendering any of her typical intensity. Newcomer Vicky Knight, who was badly burned as a child, is a genuine revelation in a powerful lead performance.


“a giant move forward in terms of representation” Screen

★★★★★ “a raw, brilliant film“ Film Stories

★★★★ “a deeply moving and powerful allegory…a breathtaking film” The Upcoming

★★★★ “It’s the movie we need in 2019“ The List

★★★★ “Vicky Knight makes an electric debut“ Empire