Shooting the Mafia (15)

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Shooting the Mafia (15)

Directed by Kim Longinotto

1hr 34mins | Italian

Sundance Film Festival Official Selection

Berlin International Film Festival Panorama

2019 Dublin International Film Festival Official Selection


In the streets of Sicily, beautiful, gutsy Letizia Battaglia pointed her camera straight into the heart of the Mafia that surrounded her and began to shoot. The striking, life-threatening photos she took documenting the rule of the Cosa Nostra define her career.

Shooting the Mafia weaves together Battaglia’s striking black-and-white photographs, rare archival footage, classic Italian films, and the now 84-year-old’s own memories, to paint a portrait of a remarkable woman whose whose bravery and defiance helped expose the Mafia’s brutal crimes.


“The Best Movies of the 2019 Sundance Film Festival” —Wrap

"Wonderful film. An intimate portrait of Letizia Battaglia, an exceptional woman, whose photography of the chaos sown by the Mafia helped bring change to Sicily.”— Los Angeles Times

“A compelling and moving documentary ”— Screen International

★★★★ “Some of the most arresting documentary work of the past few decades.”— Little White Lies

"A lavish in-depth love letter to Italian photographer and activist Letizia Battaglia... She is always charming and inspirational, living as a strong, independent woman in a crushing patriarchy."— Film Threat

★★★★ "Kim Longinotto tells the revealing story of the courageous Italian photographer and photojournalist Letizia Battaglia" — The Guardian

★★★★ "Great reservoirs of humanity"— RTE

"A meld of portraiture and social history that is as tender, humane and generous as it is harrowing." —Sight & Sound

"I have never seen a film that succeeded more completely in stripping the romantic and mythic aura from organised crime, and revealing the mafia" —Film Comment

"A gritty look at the sordid world of organised crime" —Total Film