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Directed by Rubika Shah

Documentary, Music | English | 80min

Available to watch from Friday 18 September.

MacArts is run by the Duncan MacKinnon Music and Arts Trust - a charitable organisation inspired by the visionary spirit of Dunc MacKinnon, a prominent Borders promoter who brought high profile acts to the Scottish Borders in the 1960s. The Trust was formed to fulfil an ambition to create a state-of-the-art music and arts venue and community space in a disused listed building of historic and architectural significance in the centre of Galashiels with a emphasis on involving everyone in the community; this space is now known as MacArts.

Why partner with Modern Films on White Riot?

"MacArts is partnering with Modern Films as we are drawn to the way they deal with pressing social issues of our time through the power of cinema and cultural expression."

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