Questions, issues and virtual screening queries

If you have a question or are experiencing an issue regarding virtual screenings, please contact [email protected].

How can I watch a film I’ve purchased?

Once you’ve purchased a film, you will be able to start watching that film immediately (unless the film has been pre-ordered before release). You will also receive a link to the film via email. The film will only be available for a viewing window of 48 hours before it deletes itself off your device.

I’m unable to purchase a film due to my region

Our films are only available for purchase and streaming within the UK and Ireland. Purchases cannot be made outside of these regions.

If you are based in the UK and Ireland and are still unable to purchase a film please check your VPN/IP settings on your viewing device to ensure it is set to the correct region. Alternatively, please attempt purchasing the film using your mobile data— once purchased, you will be emailed a link to the film where you will be able to watch it from your laptop/tablet device.

What devices can I watch my film on?

The Modern Films streaming service is compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone and Android. Devices can be connected to televisions for film viewing via HDMI cables. Currently, there is no app for Smart TV services.

Watching a film via Chromecast

To watch a film via Chromecast please download the Castbuddy extension here, and follow the step-by-step guide here.

What happens when I pre-order a film/virtual screening ticket?

If a film or virtual screening ticket is pre-ordered before the release date, you will only receive the exclusive link on the day of the film’s release. A receipt will be emailed to you detailing the information of your order. If any technical issues arise on the day of the film’s release, please contact [email protected]

How can I watch a captioned or audio described version of the film?

Where descriptive subtitles and/or audio description for a film are available, this will be individually noted in film’s information section. Once purchased, you will receive links for all available versions. You will then be able to choose which version of the film you prefer to watch; Original, Descriptive Subtitled (SDH), or Audio Described (AD).

Why are some films offered at ‘premium price’?

Due to the current unforeseen circumstances surrounding Covid-19, new films initially scheduled for release in cinema are now being released digitally/online. Consequently, these films have been set at Premium Prices in lieu of in-theatre prices.

What is a ‘virtual screening ticket’?

Similar to a physical cinema ticket, the virtual ticket allows you to watch new release films online (via exclusive links), in conjunction with a cinema of your choice. By purchasing a virtual screening ticket you will be directly supporting your local independent cinema – the revenue is shared between the distributor and the venue.

What is film streaming?

Film streaming is an online/digital viewing service. Unlike downloading, streaming an on-demand film does not leave a downloaded copy of that film on your device. Once purchased, the streamed film will be available to watch for a space of two-days (48 hours) before it deletes itself from your device. Streaming a film is dependent on the availability of that film on an on-demand service.